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Electron Microprobe Analytical Services - EPMA

An Electron Microprobe produces a one micron electron beam to perform high resolution quantitative analysis of trace, minor and major elements in mission critical components. An array of Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometers are used to detect elemental x-rays from 1 - 3 microns below the sample surface. Electron imaging and  x-ray maps show surface conditions and elemental distribution of a sample. Imaging Detectors: Backscattered Electron (BSE), Secondary Electron (SE), and Transmitted Electron (TE)

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  • WDS Detection Limits: 10 - 100 PPM

  • WDS FWHM Energy Resolution: 2eV to 55 eV

  • High Take-Off Angle: 52.5 degrees - Permits the detection of x-rays deeper into pits and crevices - Enhances light element detection

  • Xenon Gas Filled Detectors for Improved Metal Analysis and detection limits

  • Solid-State WDS Detectors for Improved Throughput and Analytical Efficiency. Capable of millions of counts per second. Minimal dead time correction. Improved Accuracy. Lower Costs.

  • Improved Windows for Light Element Detection

  • Synthetic Crystals for Improved Detection of Be, B, C, N, O

  Application Experience

  • Line Analysis across weld zones

  • Diffusion Zone Analysis of coatings

  • Fuel Cells - SOFC - PEMFC

  • Titanium Alloys / Nitrogen

  • Corrosion Analysis

  • Rare Earth Elements

  • Trace Elements below MDL of EDS

  • Minerals

  • Super Alloys

  • Catalytic Converters and other automotive components

  • Magnetic Field Imaging

  • BSE and SE Imaging

  • Elemental X-Ray Maps

  • High Resolution Qualitative Analysis

  • Critical Components

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