Product Design and Collaboration Experience

  • ‚ÄčCo-inventor of WDS Solid-State Detector Counting System

  • Designer of Windowless WDS Light Element Detector

  • X-Ray Crystal Testing

  • Magnetic Field Imaging procedures for Electron Microprobe

  • Improved Electron Microprobe Components and Circuit Cards

  • Video Camera Interface

  • Improved Beam Current Regulator

  • Enhanced Lens Power Supply Implementation

  • Integration of improved Windows for Light Element Detectors

  • Electron Gun Filament Controller for Tungsten Filaments

  • Air solenoid assembly for improved vacuum control

  • Integration of SEM electronics to an electron microprobe

  • Improved sample stage for an electron microprobe

  • 3 Output CRT Power Supply - 12KV  2KV  500V

  • An Improved Transmitted Electron Detector

  • WDS X-Ray Pre-amplifier with Improved Noise Immunity for ORTEC 590 and other Pulse Height Analyzers

First X-Ray Map using WD Solid-State Detector

Showing Cu-Zn phases in AB Brass

Acquisition Time: 30 Seconds

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Watch Video of Xenon versus WD Solid-State Detector Performance
Magnetic Field Imaging Instrumentation -
3D Image of Magnetic Fields on WDS Standard Sample
EPMA Solid State Detector Vs. Proportional Counter

WDS X-Ray Preamplifier Reduced Size - Improved Noise Immunity


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